Alpaca Friendly Pastures

31/08/2016 12:10

Specialty Seeds Ltd in Christchurch are now producing pastrure seed mixes of grass types suitable for use with alpacas.

Generator Alpaca Pasture Seed Mix

The Mix:

Cultivar Description

Use for:

Atom Prairie Grass
A standout high quality and persistent prairie grass. Can be either set stocked or rotationally grazed.
An Alpaca specific pasture seed mix as it contains no ryegrasses.
Suitable as a new pasture or to renovate existing poor performing pastures.
(We recommend the use of Poncho Seed Treatment for seedling Insect protection)

Tower Tall Fescue
Tall Fescue is a perennial grass more tolerant of hot summer, poorly drained soils than perennial ryegrass.
Athos Cocksfoot
When compared to older cultivars Athos has a finer leaves and is less clumpy.
Safin Cocksfoot
High dry matter yield, increased palatability and is less invasive
Demand White Clover
Highly stoloniferous, high yielding and persistent white clover

Recommended sowing @ 25 kgs per hectare / or or more with options

The cultivars used in this mix contain no harmful endophytes or clovers making it safe for your alpacas.

For more information contact Specialty Seeds Ltd, Christchurch.