Blueridge Farm Spring Newsletter

27/09/2017 17:15

Blueridge Farm Alpacas Spring 2017        

Hi there.

We have probably all had our fair share of winter weather but luckily signs of spring are starting to appear and technically spring is only a fortnight away!

The alpacas are alternating between beautiful big buffy animals and wet shaggy mammoths at the moment.

Although summer still seems a long way out shearers are already filling up their calendars with bookings for shearing so they can cover areas all in one run.

It pays to book in advance to make sure that your animals are done while the shearer is in your area and before the summer heat.

All huacaya alpacas need to be shorn annually.

Generally speaking shearing starts in late October and a cover comb is used so that there is some growth remaining to provide warmth.

You probably will start to see the animals playing in the troughs on warm days to try and cool down and if you have a feel of them you will find that those wonderfully warm fleeces can very quickly become very hot on a mild day.

Shearing of pregnant females is also done at this time and prevents new cria and mums having problems recognising each other when their fleeces are removed.

We use Keenan Scott to shear our animals. He is based at Karapiro and covers a large portion of the North Island during the shearing season.

Keenan uses a table shearing system and brings with him all the necessary equipment. He is also able to administer vaccinations, AD &E injections drenching and toenail clipping while the animals are restrained on the table.

Keenan can also take care of dental trimming if is required and the removal adult male fighting teeth in older animals.

His contact number is 021 033 5589.

 If you would like him to do your animals then ring as soon as possible so that he can schedule your animals in to his planned visit to your area.

Here on our farm, I am show training our entrants for the big trip to Feilding to attend the annual National Alpaca Show which is being held in the North Island this year. We will have five entries. Three junior males… Nico, Icon and O’Rafferty and two older roan females … Tussock and Lexie.

This year the judging is going to be streamed live so tune in on 22nd – 24th of September if you are interested in seeing some world class animals being judged.

There is more information on this event on the Alpaca Association website

We currently have a lovely selection of females that are available to purchase. Some are already pregnant and due to give birth in the summer and others can be mated to one of our stud males of your choice. Feel free to call for a chat if you are interested in additional animals and would like to experience having your own cria.

We would also like to welcome some new alpaca owners-

Rachel Pope and her family in Hampton Downs

Zahraa Almulla and her family in Whakamarama

Cathy Eastwood in Taupo

Glenn & Lee Clark in Dairy Flats

And Rebecca & Jamie Toon in Ohaupo

We hope that you are all enjoying your animals and that some fine weather is heading your way.


Best wishes


Kerri & Neil Campbell