Cria growth rates

03/07/2016 15:15

Are your crias growing?

An exert from Australian Vet, Jane Vaughan’s Website

Some rules of thumb to ensure your crias are receiving adequate nutrition:

  1. Crias should double their birth weight by 30-60 days of age.
  2. Crias should be weaned at approxmately 4 months of age weighing > 25 kg.
  3. Crias should weigh 45 kg by 12 months of age.

If your crias are not achieving these goals, reasons may include:

  1. Inadequate dam & cria nutrition.
  2. Inadequate vitamin D supplementation.
    • Treat at least every animal born in 2014, 2015 and 2016, or if in doubt, treat the entire herd.
    • Treat now, and again in July and September.
    • Each animal should receive 2000 iu vitamin D per kg bodyweight, injected under the skin.
    • Read the bottle label carefully and weigh your animals to ensure accurate dosage.