Research in to Alpacas

24/09/2013 22:00


We are delighted to be currently involved with a study being done into the fear response of alpacas by Alice Clothier, a third year student of Zoology at Massey University

Alice has alpacas herself and when researching them for past studies found a lack of research into their behaviour.

 She believes there is a wide niche of information still to be learnt about Alpacas and hopes to reduce that gap.

Her study focusses on the fear responses in Alpacas.

Alice  is currently testing three different group sizes (1, 4 and 12+ groups) and observing how they react to the recorded sound of a dog barking.

Alice observed our group of Alpacas for 10 minutes to get an idea of how they normally act in their group then played the noisy stimulus while filming their reactions over a 10 minute period.

As she predicted our group of alpacas quickly investigated the noise before deciding that it wasn’t worth worrying about.

We will look forward to seeing the results of Alice’s research and wish her well with her studies.