Waratah Flats Rising Star


Rising Star is not currently available for outside matings.

His genetics can be bought through his progeny or by buying a female pregnant to him.

IAR 1008311

DOB: 21/6/11

Sire: Patagonia Celtic Rising Sun ET

Dam: Forestglen Minx

Fleece Stats
October 2011 – 1st fleece
15.2u, 2.2 SD, 21.2 CV and CF of 100%

Oct 2012 - 2nd fleece
16.0u, 1.2 SD, 12.7 CV and CF of 100%

Oct 2013 - 3rd fleece
15.5u, 2.0 SD, 12.6 CV and CF of 100%

Oct 2014 – 4th fleece
18.9u, 3.5 SD, 18.3 CV and CF of 99%

Oct 2015 - 5th fleece
22.0u, 4.1 SD, 18.5 CV and CF of 95%
Nov 2018 - 8th fleece

24.5 Ou, 4.5 SD, 18.3 CV and CF of 90.2%


WF Rising Star, our new stud male, has an excellent show record winning many age group and best of colour


He grows a long fleece staple with a deep, well defined crimp style and good uniformity across the whole fleece.




Rising Star's 2nd & 3rd fleeces.