Overseas Purchasers

Blueridge Farm's location in the North Island of New Zealand makes it an ideal export partner for those wishing to purchase quality alpacas.

New Zealand, being an island nation, has been able to prevent many of the diseases that are prevalent in other parts of the world from being introduced to our country.

Blueridge Farm is located in the Waikato, a very lush, productive province in the central top half of the North Island of New Zealand. The plentiful resources allow us to specifically breed for genetic fineness.  Animals raised on nutritionally poorer land can have their fleeces increase in micron when moved to nutritionally better locations which is very disappointing for the unwitting purchaser.

Our animals because of the relatively temperate climate live outside all year round and a shorn annually in October/ November.

The Alpaca Export Process.

  1. Blueridge Farm will provide information such as the parentage, fleece statistics, health & pregnancy status of the available animals to enable you to confidently make your purchasing decisions
  2. Once selected, we will have a vet check the animal and have the report sent to you.
  3. If your country requires animal screening we will arrange for this to be done.
  4. We can also arrange for the quarantine of the animals and personally transport your animal to the facility. We recommend the quarantine facilities at Shadow Wood Alpacas in Maramarua, an hour from Auckland International Airport.
  5. The quarantine facility will keep you informed on the well being of your animals while they are in isolation and arrange for all the necessary health checks.
  6. Your animals will be kept in isolation for 3-6 weeks depending on the requirements of your own country.
  7. We will arrange for all export paperwork to be completed.
  8. The quarantine facility will arrange the air flights and will transport your alpaca direct to the airport for their departure flight to your destination. They will also work with you to make arrangements to get them transported from the airport to your farm.